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Dong Wang, Ph.D.

Liposome formulation for dental protection

Novel formulations protect against cavities and tooth decay

  • Targets hard tissue and medical implants
  • Can be used both locally and systemically
  • Can carry large spectrum of compounds and macromolecules
  • Easy formulation process


Licensing Manager: Qian Zhang, PhD, MBA or 402-559-3287.

Product Description

Novel formulations protect against cavities and tooth decay

Dong Wang, Ph.D.

Dong Wang, Ph.D.

The major challenge in effectively treating oral diseases is sustaining medications in the proper dosage for the right amount of time.
Water fluoridation has improved dental health worldwide; however, it is also difficult to bring fluoride into direct contact with dental surface and facilitate remineralization, as fluoride ions do not have strong binding force to the surface of the teeth.
Researchers at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, led by Dr. Dong Wang, have developed a new formulation platform technology that can and deliver fluoride-containing salts to the tooth surface for protection against cavities or tooth decay.
Therapeutic agents can be packaged in this delivery vehicle and efficiently delivered to bones and teeth.
Dr. Dong Wang’s lab liposome formulation can efficiently bind to biominerals, such as bone, hydroxyapatite, calcium phosphate, stainless steel, etc. Both hydrophilic and hydrophobic low molecular compounds (e.g. antimicrobials, anabolic agents) and water-soluble macromolecules (e.g. peptides, proteins, DNA, RNA, polysaccharide, synthetic polymers) can be encapsulated in this delivery vesicle.
It can be used as a systemic delivery platform to deliver imaging or therapeutic agents to the hard tissue (bone, joints, and tooth) and various medical implants.
The most significant advantage of this invention is that it can be used both locally and systemically, and can carry both soluble and insoluble compounds.
The chemistry that Dr. Wang used to introduce targeting moieties is extremely versatile, and a large number of different targeting agents can be easily incorporated using the same chemistry.

To discuss licensing opportunities please contact Qian Zhang, PhD at or 402-559-3287.

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