Bio-imaging containment unit

Transport, image specimens while maintaining biosafety level 3 quarantine

  • Effective BSL3 quarantine unit
  • Easily transportable
  • Facilitates medical imaging within unit
  • Anesthesia delivery system
  • Real-time specimen monitoring

Licensing Manager:
Tyler Scherr, Ph.D. or 402-559-2140

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Transport, image specimens while maintaining biosafety level 3 quarantine

Shea Lundeby

Inventor: Shea Lundeby

The bio-imaging containment unit is a three-in-one isolation, transportation and imaging device. This new invention permits medical imaging of multiple specimens in biosafety level 3 (BSL3) quarantine. Additional features allow for anesthesia delivery and real-time specimen monitoring.
The bio-imaging containment unit includes a sealed, medical-grade filtration system entirely comprised of non-ferrous materials. The unit is portable, specifically designed to fit medical imaging systems, and scalable to hold living specimens over a wide range of sizes. The device has multiple, additional features including anesthesia delivery, real-time specimen monitoring via communication lines, and a self-contained uninterruptable power supply.
By facilitating medical imaging, such as an MRI, of living specimens in isolation, this technology will accelerate innovative research and enable world-class imaging facilities to perform immediate data collection on outside specimens. This unit can also be used to safely transport and image immunocompromised specimens.
To discuss licensing opportunities contact Tyler Scherr, Ph.D., at or 402-559-2140.