Infant surgical table

Ergonomic surgical table with 360-degree rotation and tilt

  • Compatible with all patient positions, including Trendelenburg positioning
  • Decreased physical stress on surgeon
  • Decreased surgical times
  • Easily attaches to existing surgical tables or can be a standalone device
    Rotates 360°
  • Can be implemented into other devices or used as an exam table

Licensing Manager: Joe Runge, J.D., M.S. or 402-559-1181


Improve surgical performance and outcomes in pediatric patients

Surgery on children carries its own set of challenges, but it’s even more difficult when the surgeon uses a standard surgical table that was designed for adults.
Having to work on a much smaller patient on such a big table introduces unique problems related to patient positioning and accessibility. Surgeons must move around the table more frequently, working in sometimes awkward positions that can increase strain and can lead to injury.
Researchers at the University of Nebraska developed an innovative solution in the form of a unique surgical table specifically designed for pediatric patients weighing 50 pounds or less.
The surgical table can be used as a standalone device that provides 360 degrees of horizontal rotation, has adjustable settings for height, and allows for tilting the patient during a procedure. When required, the table can be quickly and easily clamped to an existing surgical table side rail. It can also be easily removed when not needed, maximizing the use of limited space.
In addition to pediatric use the surgical table can also be used to perform surgery on small animals.
The unique design of the table allows the surgeon to remain in one comfortable position for the entire procedure which decreases physical stress on the surgeon, decreases the overall surgical time, and ultimately enhances patient outcome.
UNeMed is seeking a partner to manufacture and/or distribute this ergonomic medical device to aid in supporting the world’s smallest patients.
To discuss licensing opportunities please contact Joe Runge, J.D., M.S., at or 402-559-1181