Lifespace monitoring system

Push endotracheal tubes in place the simple way

  • Novel and inexpensive
  • Accurate, non-intrusive collection of patient information
  • Real-time information
  • Reduce intervention costs
  • Better information, better results
  • Constant and continuous monitoring


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Monitor patients remotely while they maintain independence

Stephen Bonasera, M.D.

Stephen Bonasera, M.D.

One of the largest challenges facing elderly care is striking the proper balance between monitoring health while maintaining independence.
Solutions exist, but they are generally expensive and have limited applications.
Stephen Bonasera, a researcher at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, found an elegant solution: A wireless system that caregivers can use remotely to track patients around the clock with little more than a modern cell phone and a few well-placed transmitters in the home.
The cost-effective solution, called the Lifespace Monitoring System, measures a person’s movement patterns around the home to develop a baseline of regular activity.
With minimal intrusion, Lifespace can then detect minor changes in activity, which could indicate the onset of several mental or physical conditions.
The system allows caregivers to immediately intervene when a change in routine is detected.
Because the system monitors the movement patterns of an individual, it can be easily adapted to other applications, such as patients with mental or psychiatric limitations.
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