Smartphone microscope mount


Get slide pictures with a smartphone

  • Four model variations to accommodate various eyepieces sizes and smartphone sizes
  • 3D-printed from PLA plant-based plastics in a variety of colors
  • Minimal initial adjustment to begin use
  • Easy application and quick removal
  • Customization options are available

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Get slide pictures with a smartphone

The J-Mount is a 3D-printed microscope mount designed to slip over an eyepiece, and hold a smartphone in a proper position to capture digital images.
The mount holds the device in a landscape orientation and has a thumbscrew to adjust the Y-axis. Once the device is adjusted for a particular smartphone or tablet, the device can be easily removed and mounted without further adjustments, allowing a user to rapidly and easily capture photographs.
The mount will work with a variety of smartphones, with and without cases, and also works with a variety of imaging equipment including microscopes, slit-lamp examination devices, dissection scopes, etc. The mount was developed at the University of Nebraska Medical Center by Pathology Resident, Jesse Cox, M.D.
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