Technology Portfolio


Top innovations available at UNeMed

  • Latest update: October 1, 2020
  • Describes all UNMC and UNO innovations currently available for licensing
  • Includes research tools like antibodies & mouse models
  • Selected list of UNeMed startups also included
  • Free version available for viewing or download here

Contact: Charlie Litton or 402-559-2468

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UNeMed readies digital, print versions of tech portfolio

Printed copies of UNeMed’s latest portfolio of available technologies can now be ordered or downloaded as a PDF file. The digital version is free, but printed hard copies are $3 apiece to offset shipping and handling costs.
The technology portfolio is a comprehensive a list of all UNMC and UNO innovations and discoveries currently available through UNeMed. As inventions enter exclusive licensing agreements and as inventors continue to churn out new ideas and discoveries, the technology portfolio will be updated as needed.
The UNeMed portfolio also includes all research tools, including the latest list of available antibodies and mouse models. A selected list of UNeMed’s top startup companies are also included.
Latest update: October 1, 2020
To learn more about the technology portfolio, contact Charlie Litton at or 402-559-2468. A free version can be viewed, downloaded or printed here:

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