Research Funding

UNeMed provides this information on funding sources for research as a service to all researchers at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

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Proof of Concept Grant

Description The purpose of the Proof of Concept (POC) grants is to provide funds for additional development of selected technologies to increase their commercialization potential and value. POC grant funds are provided through the University of Nebraska Central Administration, via the Nebraska Research Initiative, and were initiated in the fall of 2011. It is the intent of the grants to increase the value of a technology beyond the cost of the grant, thereby generating a positive return to fund additional research.
Eligibility The application process is initiated by UNeMed, working with a researcher who submitted a new invention disclosure that describes a promising, early stage invention that would benefit from additional development prior to marketing and licensing.
Proposal The application consists of a 10 page proposal detailing the developmental plan for the technology, broken down into milestones that can serve as inflection points in the developmental process and increased value of the technology. A detailed budget is also submitted which aligns with the developmental milestones to allow for incremental funding of the grant upon milestone achievement.
Terms There is a cap of $250,000 per project.
Upcoming Deadline POC grants have open submission dates.
Contact If interested, please contact UNeMed’s licensing team. Dr. Steve Schreiner, Mr. Joe Runge, or Dr. Matt Boehm will be able to help with the application process.

Innovation Grants

Description The Innovation Grant Program is designed to allow the further development of an early stage technology.
Eligibility The awards are to be used by the investigator to perform additional experimentation and/or analysis to increase the marketability of the technology.
Proposal The application should be focused on the development of products that have commercial potential. The application should consist of a project summary, project description, project work plan, and budget.
Terms After completion of the project, a final written report will be submitted to UNeMed including any further inventions developed or publications that resulted from the project. The amount of support is dependent upon the project and the expected commercial potential upon completion of the work. Commercial potential should be clearly demonstrated in the application as well as known potential parties of interest to the final products. The award available is typically $10,000 – $20,000 per project.
Upcoming Deadline Innovation grants have varying submission dates throughout the year.
Contact If interested, please contact UNeMed’s licensing team. Dr. Steve Shcreiner, Mr. Joe Runge, or Dr. Matt Boehm will be able to help with the application process.

Project Summary (1 page maximum)
This should be a high-level description of the research (do not assume detailed knowledge in the field). Briefly describe the problem to be solved and shortcomings of existing solutions. Do not focus on the technical details of your proposed solution, but on the deliverables. This section should be readable by a technically inclined person only slightly familiar with your field. Do not disclose any proprietary or confidential information in this section. Contents of this section may be summarized and appear on the UNeMed website.

Project Description (2 pages maximum)
Describe the proposed project (strategy, key experiment(s), and goal(s)) with a statement of the problem to be solved and how the proposed solution addresses this problem. Include identification and significance of the invention, background and technical objectives of the research, and commercial potential. Emphasize the point of novelty and risks associated with the project. How do you foresee the next steps towards commercializing this technology if this phase proves to be successful?
What are the expected commercial impacts of this work? If successful, what will this project prove/disprove? What is the technical and commercial significance of those results? What would the next steps be in development of this concept?
Elaborate on 2-3 milestones that can be used to evaluate progress through the project, and include timeline. Additionally, list the expected deliverables you propose to achieve within the proposed timeline of the funding, i.e. 4-5 months, and at the end of the project – prototype, data proving feasibility, etc.

Dollars Requested and Budget (1 page maximum)
Summarize funds you require to complete the project and create a detailed budget for direct costs only. Note: Term of funding must not exceed 5 months and funds should not be designated for Principal Investigator salaries. No overhead charges will apply to the award. Program funds must be used primarily for applied research, testing, prototype development, and other technology-focused activities consistent with the proof-of-concept purpose of the grant.

Appendix (5 pages maximum)
Please include any additional financial support, letters of support, and brief biological sketches of the PI and other key personnel involved in the proposal. Additional material will not be considered.

Reporting and Communication
The Principal Investigator shall communicate the project’s progress through various means, including the following:
• A final written report to UNeMed;
• Notification of significant milestones achieved;
• Invention disclosures (prior to any public disclosure) – To UNeMed;
• Publications – Publication of results from work sponsored by the Program is encouraged, with appropriate acknowledgement of the support received; and
• Media relations – Award recipients will be announced to the media shortly after selection and placed on the UNeMed website.