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UNeMed provides this information on funding sources for research as a service to all researchers at the University of Nebraska.

Proof of Concept Grant

The purpose of the Proof of Concept (POC) grants is to provide funds for additional development of selected technologies to increase their commercialization potential and value. POC grant funds are provided through the University of Nebraska Central Administration, via the Nebraska Research Initiative, and were initiated in the fall of 2011.
The application process is initiated by UNeMed, working with a researcher who submitted a new invention disclosure that describes a promising, early stage invention that would benefit from additional development prior to marketing and licensing.
The application consists of a 10 page proposal detailing the developmental plan for the technology, broken down into milestones that can serve as inflection points in the developmental process and increased value of the technology. A detailed budget is also submitted which aligns with the developmental milestones to allow for incremental funding of the grant upon milestone achievement.
There is a cap of $250,000 per project.
It is the intent of the grants to increase the value of a technology beyond the cost of the grant, thereby generating a positive return to fund additional research.
POC grants have open submission dates.
If interested, please contact UNeMed’s licensing team for help with the application process.

Innovation Micro-Grant

The Innovation Micro-Grant is by nature a rarely used program designed to further the development of previously submitted inventions that generate commercial interest. UNeMed initiates and drives the application process for inventions that attract keen interest from investors or industry representatives.

The intent of the awards is to fill small funding gaps to support additional experiments, analysis, rapid prototyping or other developmental steps that a potential commercial partner might require before entering a licensing agreement. A technology’s licensing manager will determine whether an Innovation Micro-Grant is an appropriate course of action.


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