What's a UNeMed?
What is UNeMed’s relationship with UNMC and UNO?
Am I required to submit my invention to UNeMed?
What is UNeMed's level of expertise?
Where are you located?
Do you have a notary?
Will UNeMed fund work in my lab to further develop an invention or a technology I submit?
What does UNeMed want me to know?
What is technology transfer?
Why should I care about technology transfer?
How soon can I hear from you after I submit my invention?
What's a NIN?
I have an idea, who do I talk to?
What’s the Assignment form for?
Do all inventors need to sign the same Assignment form?
Can I just send a copy of the signed Assignment form?
Why do I need to assign my invention?
Can I add an inventor after filing a patent?
Who can be an inventor?
What’s the difference between provisional and non-provisional patent application?
We filed a patent application, so that means I have a patent, right?
Can you help me with my SBIR/STTR submission?
Do I get paid if my invention is licensed?
If a technology is licensed, what happens to the incoming revenue?
What happens during the evaluation of an invention?
What are the possible outcomes from an invention evaluation?
What is considered a public disclosure?
Who pays for patents?
What is required of me as an inventor?
Can students be inventors?
Who does the evaluation of my invention?
Who do I speak with when I want to export materials?
What should I consider when reviewing a consulting agreement from an outside entity?

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