Upgrade any smartphone into a diagnostic tool

  • Flexible fit for several smartphone models
  • Modular lens packages for multiple anatomical imaging applications
  • Illumination control for perfect contrast no matter the application

Licensing Manager: Tyler Scherr, Ph.D. or 402-559-2140


Upgrade any smartphone into a diagnostic tool

MedLens is a versatile attachment that fits any smartphone, upgrading it into a diagnostic tool, such as a fundoscope or otoscope. MedLens can be quickly and easily attached to a smartphone and positioned over the camera lens using a simple rail-and-clamp system.
Once in place, the modular lens package design allows for multiple anatomical imaging applications. Users can even control the level of illumination for perfect contrast no matter the application.
This new device saves clinicians time and money, particularly in outreach or out-of-clinic settings. It also provides clinicians with a convenient way to record images and share them for further diagnostic examination and second opinions.
To discuss licensing opportunities contact Tyler Scherr, Ph.D., at or 402-559-2140.

Additional Information


  • Donny Suh, M.D.
  • Jesse Cox, M.D., Ph.D.


Technical details

MedLens attaches to a smartphone by fitting two interlocking rails together and clamping them to opposite sides of your phone. The objective carriage slides along the rails and can be clamped into position directly above the smartphone camera. The objective carriage also holds a compartment to house electronics as well as a threaded opening to receive various lens packages. The lens packages screw into the objective carriage and, when properly positioned, connect an internal circuit to provide correct polarization power to an LED light source.