Licensing Process

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To license a technology please contact the licensing manager

UNeMed works with industry partners to negotiate mutually-beneficial license agreements in order to commercialize UNMC technologies.

Licensing UNeMed Technology Offers Many Potential Benefits:

    • Significantly decrease time and resources devoted to research
    • Reduce time to market, boost profitability
    • Penetrate new markets and expand your business
    • Access technology developed by the experts at UNMC

UNeMed License Agreements Generally Include the Following Elements:

Development Plan
Some early-stage technologies need additional development before they are market-ready.

Development milestones for commercialization in accordance with a developmental & commercialization plan are required at time of license execution.

Milestones may include regulatory filings, initiation and completion of clinical studies, or achievement of other research and development goals.

The licensee must also submit annual development reports throughout the term of the license agreement. Development reports enable UNeMed to document that the licensee is actively developing the technology, which is also a requirement for licensing federally-funded research.

Financial Obligations
License agreements may also contain a variety of financial obligations including upfront license fees, equity (in the case of a start-up), milestone payments, royalty payments, minimum royalties, and maintenance fees. These fees will be determined based on the technology being licensed.

The licensee will be responsible for paying all patent expenses (incurred and future) including: the drafting, filing, prosecuting, issuing and maintaining the issued patent.

Earned Royalties
When the licensee sells products utilizing the technology the licensee pays a percentage of Net Sales to UNeMed.
Milestone Fees
Depending on the type of technology licensed, UNeMed may require that in addition to royalties, milestone payments be made as the technology is successfully developed.
Minimum Royalty
For royalty-bearing licenses, a certain minimum dollar amount, termed minimum royalty, generally reflect a minimum amount of expected sales.

Minimum royalties will be creditable solely against amounts due as Earned Royalties during that calendar year to which the annual minimum is applied.

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