Forms & Policies

The following documents represent the University of Nebraska, UNMC, UNO and Nebraska Medicine policies regarding intellectual property and current innovation submission forms.


Board of Regents Bylaw 3.10
Ownership and Commercialization of Inventions and Discoveries

Board of Regents Bylaw 3.4.5
Outside Employment

Board of Regents Policy 3.2.8
Conflict of Interest

Board of Regents Policy 4.4.1
Ownership of Intellectual Property

Board of Regents Policy 4.4.2
Patent and Technology Transfer Policy

UNMC Policy 1049
Outside Employment

UNMC Policy 7001
Policy for Royalty and Equity Distribution

UNMC Policy 8010
Conflict of Interest

UNO Policies
Royalty and Equity Distribution
Conflict of Interest

Nebraska Medicine Policy
Coming soon!

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