Material Transfer

UNeMed Map Material Transfer Agreement

Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) attach certain terms to the use of tangible research materials allowing other researchers to use them while protecting rights associated with the materials and retaining the ability to commercialize.

A simple university-university MTA can generally be handled in a day or two while more complex MTAs, with foreign companies or proprietary materials from industry can take longer to negotiate.

At UNMC, tangible materials can include molecular biology reagents, cell lines, recombinant mice, devices or even software.

Jeff AndersenPlease contact Jeff Andersen, JD at or (402) 559-3274 if you are interested in transferring materials.

To expedite the process you will need:
1. Information related to the source of funding
2. Original source of the materials (or any portion of the material)
3. A description of the intended research making use of the materials
4. Information on the receiver or sender of the materials

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