Cardiac vascular access graft

Better Care for Children with Heart Defects

  • No deviation from current correction of congenital heart defects
  • Improved access for better management
  • Easier to use, more efficient

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Better care for children with heart defects

Many babies born with congenital defects of the heart now live to become adults. Pediatric congenital heart disease and the heart defects that it produces used to be completely lethal. Surgery for congenital heart defects can now correct the majority of these heart defects in infants.
Treatment of heart defects in infants came from tireless innovation for congenital heart defect surgery and the combined expertise of teams of medical experts. Pediatric cardiologist Jeffrey Delaney, M.D., and pediatric thoracic surgeon James Hammel, M.D., embody that innovation.
Dr. Hammel surgically corrects birth defects of the heart, and Dr. Delaney manages children living with congenital defects of the heart. Their collaboration is the kind of care that has produced the first generation of adults with congenital heart disease.
Together, they have invented a new pediatric medical device to correct heart defects. The device, utilized in the final stages of a Fontan procedure, will help facilitate management of the patient’s congenital heart defects. A novel shunt, the device replaces traditional tubes that redirect blood flow away from defective parts of the heart.
The improved device has permeable membranes to help the cardiologist regulate pressure in the tube. A radio opaque ring wreaths the membrane, making it easy to locate utilizing radiography.
Drs. Hammel and Delaney are prepared to conduct an animal study that will further validate the device. Contact UNeMed to discuss how to bring this vital new device to market and give children with life threatening heart defects more options in their care.
To discuss licensing opportunities please contact Tyler Scherr, PhD, at or 402-889-5498.