Antimicrobial wound dressing

Improved wound dressings for treating, preventing infections

  • slowly releases antimicrobial compounds
  • penetrates biofilms, enhances animicrobial delivery
  • may eliminate need for tissue removal

Licensing Manager: Amanda Hawley, PhD or 402-310-5602


Improved wound dressings for treating, preventing infections

A new wound dressing with antimicrobial properties can improve the treatment of chronic wounds.
Patients with chronic open wounds, such as diabetic foot ulcers, have about a 78 percent incidence rate of serious infections known as biofilms. Biofilms are cooperative infections that are often difficult to treat due to high rates of antibiotic resistance.
Current approaches to biofilm management heavily rely on the physical removal of infected tissue. This removal process can be uncomfortable for patients, and may not entirely remove the infection, requiring the painful procedure to be repeated.
UNMC’s nanofiber-based dressing slowly releases antimicrobial compounds such as approved antibiotics or silver nitrate, into a wound to help prevent or treat an infection. The nanofiber dressings are specially designed to help penetrate biofilms and enhance delivery of antimicrobial agents. Additionally, these wound dressings may require fewer changes and may reduce or even eliminate the need for tissue removal.
These new nanofiber dressings should help decrease biofilm infections, reduce medical costs, and improve patient care.
To discuss licensing opportunities please contact Amanda Hawley, PhD, at or 402-310-5602.