Nanofiber-based tissue regeneration scaffold

Nanofiber technology enhances wound healing, tissue regeneration

  • Made out of biodegradable and biocompatible expanded nanofibers
  • Enhanced cell infiltration
  • Size and shape of the nanofiber scaffold is customizable

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Nanofiber technology enhances wound healing, tissue regeneration

Jingwei Xie

Jingwei Xie, Ph.D.

A new expanded nanofiber-based scaffold will help enhance tissue growth and regeneration within the body.
Invented at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, expanded nanofiber scaffolds can be customized to various shapes and dimensions allowing them to better fit within wounds and tissue defects. The new scaffolds are layered with a highly porous structure that allows optimal cell and tissue growth, compared to traditional nanofiber materials. The expanded nanofiber scaffolds are manufactured to contain an array of wells, or holes, for placing cells or minced tissue, which helps jump-start the tissue repair process.
The nanofiber scaffolds were tested in preliminary in vivo studies. The scaffolds were implanted subcutaneously in rats for one, two, and four weeks. Cellular infiltration occurred throughout the scaffold, along with blood vessel formation.
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Provisional patent application filed.

  • Jingwei Xie
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