Improve AV fistula maturation

Device makes fistulas mature faster, better, safer

  • first major improvement for the AV fistula in more than 40 years
  • Medical device that promotes fistula maturation
  • Capable of maturing AV fistulas in an animal model
  • Inexpensive, single use
  • Multiple applications beyond fistula maturation

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Device makes AV fistulas mature faster, better, safer

Marius Florescu, MD

Marius Florescu, MD

Healthcare providers now have a better, more reliable way to improve dialysis in patients with kidney failure.
Hemodialysis simulates kidneys function by filtering a patient’s blood outside the body to cleanse it from toxins. For dialysis to work properly, dialysis machines must filter as much blood as possible during each treatment.
An arteriovenous or AV fistula is a point of entry and exit to the blood vessels that also allows large amounts of blood to flow uninterrupted. This portal serves as a connection between an artery and a vein in the patient’s arm and allows the vein to grow large and strong providing reliable access to blood vessels each time.
AV fistulas are a complex and imperfect solution, even when performed by an expert team of surgeons and support staff.
The problem with creating AV fistulas is that they require weeks to months to develop, or mature, and strengthen before a patient can undergo hemodialysis. Many patients undergoing dialysis are never able to mature a large fistula.
A better, more reliable way to create AV fistulas seems like a good idea.
UNMC surgeon, Marius Florescu, M.D. has a new device that represents the first major improvement for the AV fistula in more than 40 years. His device promotes better AV fistula creation and maturation for hemodyalisis.
Dr. Florescu also made a critical discovery during his proof-of-concept work: Identifying the first known animal model in which AV fistulas can mature.
To discuss licensing opportunities please contact Tyler Scherr, Ph.D., at or 402-559-2140.

Technical details

Fistula maturation device

Dr. Florescu currently has the only laboratory in the world that can mature AV fistulas in an animal model.

The device is a platform of bio absorbable material that, when implanted in the vein, holds the fistula open in the critical early stages of maturation. Once the fistula is mature, the platform is gone and does not impede its further maturation.

Improved AV fistula patency and maturationIn a sheep model, Dr. Florescu created AV fistulas in each of the animal’s forelimbs. One fistula used the device the other conventional methods. Using dopler ultrasound, he measured the rate of blood flow in each fistula. Fistulas using the device consistently grew larger, faster.

The device also produced an unexpected result: the platform made suturing the blood vessel dramatically easier. It reduced the time of the procedure to form the anastemosis dramatically.

Dr. Florescu is poised to continue the study utilizing an improved prototype.