Distal radius fracture plating system

Universal plating system saves time, improves outcomes

  • Universal plate for distal radius fractures
  • Benefit of optimal fragment fixation systems
  • Benefit of surgeon comfort with the procedure
  • Replaces, combines several plating systems into one

Licensing Manager: Tyler Scherr, PhD
tyler.scherr@unmc.edu or 402-889-5498

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Universal plating system saves time, improves outcomes

Wrist fractures don’t come in one shape and size, but a new fixation device just might. A leading orthopedic surgeon at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Daniel Firestone, M.D., invented a universal wrist fracture fixation plate. By studying fragment-specific plating systems, Dr. Firestone designed a novel plate that blends the essential components of each. The result is an elegant system with enough flexibility to secure any of the most common wrist fracture patterns.
The Firestone Plating System is a next-generation technology that provides all of the benefits of fragment specific plating without the drawbacks associated with surgically placing multiple devices. It singlehandedly addresses a number of fractures in both dorsal and volar fragments. It’s is easy to use and easier to install, potentially increasing operating room and surgical efficiency.
To discuss licensing opportunities contact Tyler Scherr, PhD, at tyler.scherr@unmc.edu or 402-889-5498.

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