Cryostat Sample Removal Device

Remove frozen tissue sections from chucks with ease

  • Accommodates multiple, standard sized cryostat chucks
  • Made from high thermal conductivity material
  • Quickly, easily remove frozen samples without heat, damage
  • Can include temperature control system
  • Can include cryostat machine mounts

Licensing Manager: Tyler Scherr, Ph.D. or 402-559-2140

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Remove frozen tissue sections from chucks with ease

Researchers at the University of Nebraska Medical Center have developed a tool for easily removing sectioned, frozen tissue samples from a cryostat’s specimen disk, or “chuck.”
Like paraffin tissue sections, frozen tissue sections are widely used for disease diagnosis, surgical strategy, and medical research. After sectioning, the frozen tissue samples have to be removed from the chucks. The most common method is to simply use a blade, but this method has many disadvantages including the potential to damage the remaining tissue sample and even the potential for injury.
The cryostat sample removal device solves these problems by quickly, easily, and safely removing the tissue section from the chuck using high thermal conductivity material.
The device can accommodate multiple, standard-sized cryostat chucks, and can also include a temperature control system to ensure sample safety and a cryostat machine mount for storage.
To discuss licensing opportunities contact Tyler Scherr, Ph.D., at or 402-559-2140.