Help patients decide if their condition warrants a hospital visit

  • Patient-controlled diagnosis software
  • Decreased hospital burden
  • Algorithm-based diagnostic decisions
    Licensing Manager: Tyler Scherr, Ph.D. or 402-559-2140

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Help patients decide if their condition warrants a hospital visit

InstaHealth is a paradigm shift in the patient decision-making process that takes subjective patient information to determine diagnostic probability, prognosis and treatment recommendations.
The current prototype successfully diagnoses cases of group A Streptococcal Pharyngitis in the pre-hospital setting, without the need to physically examine the patient. The inventors developed from medical literature data and objective patient data to formulate diagnostic probabilities and prognoses.
Given this new tool, patients are able to make informed decisions regarding their medical options such as when or where to seek medical care and treatment options. The ability to steer patient decision-making processes improves patient outcomes, reduces medical expenditure and increases patient satisfaction.
This technology can be used in collaboration with potential partners such as:

  • Health clinics such as CVS Minute Clinic, Walgreens MedExpress and Walmart Care Clinics, who spend billions to increase foot travel to their stores;
  • Insurance companies, whose primary goal is to minimize health expenditures; and
  • Consumers, who prioritize accuracy and convenience in their health care services.

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