Modular Electronic Decision Support Builder

Pediatric interactive screening tool can adapt to institutional needs

  • COVID-19 screener specifically for pediatric patients
  • Available as a web-based or native app
  • Allows for institutional-level branding

Licensing Manager: Lisa Carlson, Ph.D. or 402-315-0543


Pediatric interactive screening tool can adapt to institutional needs

Physicians from Omaha’s Children’s Hospital and Medical Center have developed a pediatric-specific COVID-19 screener. This application can be accessed by a one-time download as an offline app or directly on the web.
This tool can be used by a variety of clinical and non-clinical end-users to access information step-by-step. The software also provides tracking to connect user behavior with access of tagged content within the tool. The customization nature of the tool allows for institutional-level branding and adjustment of content to fit the local context.
Commercial applications include user data analytics and observation, branding and delivery of content to target populations, use in public health, and dissemination or implementation of projects to improve healthcare processes or outcomes. The combination of customizable content, user analytics, and interactive surveys combines multiple distinct features into a single software tool.
To discuss sponsored research and licensing opportunities contact Lisa Carlson, Ph.D., at or 402-315-0543.