Nanofiber rings for drug delivery

Implantable biodegradable nanofiber ring drug delivery system

  • Can deliver variety of drugs, including small molecules & biologics
  • Biodegradable
  • Can be loaded with more than one drug at a time
  • Release kinetics of each drug can be tailored

Licensing Manager: Lisa Carlson, PhD or 402-315-0543

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Implant, customize new drug delivery device

Jingwei Xie, PhD

Researchers at the University of Nebraska Medical Center have developed a new implantable drug delivery device made out of nanofibers.
This new device is a nanofiber-based ring that is biodegradable, versatile and customizable.
The nanofiber rings can be loaded with a variety of different types of drugs including small molecules and biologics. The devices can also be loaded with multiple drugs at one time, allowing for the delivery of a combination therapy.
Another unique property of this device is that the nanofiber rings can be customized to allow for different release properties of each drug loaded into the ring. This includes delayed release of drugs, sequential release of multiple drugs, and parallel release of multiple drugs.
The unique properties of the nanofiber ring structure make it ideal for use as an implantable drug delivery device.
To discuss licensing opportunities contact Lisa Carlson, PhD, at or 402-315-0543.