Startup Formation

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There are certain situations when building a startup company is the best possible course of action. Here’s everything you need to know about all that’s involved in forming a start-up company with UNeMed.

Why Startup?

It doesn’t happen often, but there are certain technologies and inventions from UNMC where it makes the most sense to start new company. The reasons for starting a technology-based company are varied and depend on a number of factors that include the particular biomedical industrial sector, the stage of the research, and the very nature of the related technology.

Most often, UNeMed helps a UNMC inventor build a startup when the technology is at such an early stage that further development appears unlikely. Potential industrial partners—those with the resources to finance such costly development—hesitate to invest in something surrounded by such uncertainty. But they might be willing to acquire a startup company that has worked out a lot of those questions already.

And there are times when a UNMC inventor has the right kind of entrepreneurial spirit that make a new company work.

In any case, UNeMed will always prefer the route that gives a technology and its inventor their best chance for ultimate success—whether that’s negotiating a licensing deal with a large multinational corporation, working out a sponsored research agreement with a small niche-market biotech firm, or launching a new startup.

Startup Feasibility
Complete a Business Plan
Decisions, decisions

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