UNeBlog, UNeMed’s Technology Transfer Blog


by Agnes Lenagh, UNeMed | May 28, 2012


We’re excited to launch this blog to share our enthusiasm for enhancing the development of UNMC technologies on a more personal level.

This blog will serve many purposes – to inform the UNMC community what UNeMed is doing, share news about technology transfer and commercialization, elaborate on methods and best practices to protect inventions, and report on research development and available programs and new opportunities.

We also hope that the UNeBlog will incite some new ideas that will assist in the development of basic research toward clinical stages.

The topics that will be covered will be divided into 6 searchable categories including:

  • Tech Transfer 101 – Informative posts related to technology transfer and research commercialization including, but not limited to: patents, public disclosure, confidentiality and CDAs, MTAs, licensing, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets, entrepreneurship, and funding.
  • Case Studies – A look into essential aspects of technology transfer and successful stories that result from both internal and external practices.
  • Portraits – Features UNMC and community leaders including inventors and entrepreneurs involved in biomedical research, rechnology transfer, product development or enterprise.
  • Guest Posts – Invited communications from experts in the field.
  • News – Highlights local and national events in the technology transfer community.
  • Announcements – Covering seminars, meetings, workshops, and events of interest.

We’re eager to share this journey with everyone at UNMC.

If you have a new idea or would like your technology transfer questions addressed on our blog, please let us know

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