Dixon joins the Overground, tells the story of creatine


OMAHA, Neb. (January 14, 2019)—UNeMed’s tech transfer podcast, “Innovation Overground,” recently released a new episode titled, “Sick lift, brah.”

In this episode, Overground hosts Joe Runge, Tyler Scherr and Charlie Litton, discuss creatine ethyl ester, an actual thing, actually begin sold in stores as Con-Cret. The crew brings in their first-ever guest, UNeMed president and CEO Michael Dixon, Ph.D., who tells the story of Vireo Systems, and their fight to keep fraudulent (and potentially unsafe) knock-offs out of the market.

Innovation Overground was created to help promote academic innovation and the technology transfer and commercialization efforts at the University of Nebraska and beyond. The podcast intends to examine what it takes to advance academic inventions and discoveries beyond the research bench and into people’s lives as “actual things on a shelf.”

New episodes are published on Mondays, and are available on most podcast channels, including Google Play Music, iTunes, iHeartMusic, Podomatic, Spotify and Spreaker.

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