UNeMed releases 2023 Annual Report


OMAHA, Nebraska (October 30, 2023)—UNeMed released today its 2023 annual report, detailing key metrics, highlights and notable achievements during the fiscal year ending in 2023.

The report focuses on recent successes that highlight elements of UNeMed’s mission statement: UNeMed fosters innovation, advances research, and engages entrepreneurs and industry to commercialize novel technologies.

Those successes detail the ground-breaking work of UNeMed startup Virtual Incision, the growth of Vireo Resources, the ongoing Innovation Hub development, and several other initiatives related to boosting UNMC and UNO inventors and their ideas.

Virtual Incision is a surgical robotics company built on a collaboration between a former University of Nebraska Medical Center surgeon and a University of Nebraska-Lincoln engineer. During the previous fiscal year, Virtual Incision announced the successful conclusion of a clinical trial, and additional plans to test their platform aboard the International Space Station.

Vireo initially built its facility in Plattsmouth, Neb., to be closer to the UNMC innovators that created their successful product, Creatine-HCL. During the previous year, Vireo broke ground on a $16.6 million project that will expand their manufacturing facilities to about 70,000 square feet while creating an additional 150 local jobs.

The Innovation Hub is an ongoing construction project along Saddle Creek Road that will allow UNeMed and the University create better collaborative opportunities between inventive faculty and other entrepreneurs and investors.

The annual report also looks back at several other successful initiatives, while shining a spotlight on a rash of successes enjoyed by UNMC’s Breanna Hetland, PhD. Dr. Hetland’s innovations, which are related to improving the quality of care in intensive care units, attracted national accolades.

Finally, the 2023 annual report presents core metrics for all of UNeMed’s activities, and features several portfolio technologies with great potential for additional development.

The complete annual report can be viewed online, and printed copies are also available. Contact UNeMed to receive a free printed copy.

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