UNeMed signs Adapt IP Ventures to broker patent deal


by Charlie Litton, UNeMed Communications

OMAHA, Neb. (June 10, 2013)—UNeMed Corporation will expand its reach in developing and discovering new partners for technologies invented at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC).

UNeMed, the technology transfer office at UNMC, announced today a new collaboration with patent brokerage firm Adapt IP Ventures.

Adapt IP Ventures will help UNeMed license a patent invented in Nebraska that teaches methods for effectively growing high-yield protein cultures using nanoparticles. Prized in molecular research, high-yield protein cultures are critical for the research, development and manufacture of biological molecules. The technology is especially needed now for the development of next generation biological drugs and new regenerative therapies.

UNMC’s reputation made the patent particularly appealing, Adapt IP Ventures founder and CEO Grant Moss said.

“The university itself has a good reputation as an innovative group,” Moss said. “So there’s a name recognition there that is and was important in my decision to move forward.”

Moss said the technology should be particularly attractive to high-growth companies that perform groundbreaking research and analysis using proteins, such as PerkinElmer and Life Technologies, which is being acquired by Thermo Fisher.

“What we want to see is a company like Life Technologies/Thermo Fisher or PerkinElmer building new products,” Moss said, “and having the university share in the success of a product launch. That’s the goal.”

Moss said another driving force behind the patent’s potential success is that some laboratories might already be using the method or similar methods for high-yield protein cultures. That means companies can adopt the technology at minimum risk and cost, “rather than change or introduce a completely new or different technology,” Moss said.

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