Claudin-1 Inhibitors

New compounds fight against cancer, other diseases

  • Small molecule inhibitors of Claudin-1
  • Micromolar potency
  • Potential treatment for classically chemoresistant cancers, hepatitis, Crohn’s, & more

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New compounds fight against cancer, other diseases

Researchers within the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences departments teamed up to develop new drugs that will help treat numerous cancers, such as colorectal, and other diseases like hepatitis and Crohn’s.
The new drugs target a protein called Claudin-1, or CLDN1 for short.
CLDN1 is a tight junction protein known to play a role in several human diseases, including multiple cancers. Critically, there are currently no approved methods of therapeutic intervention that can inhibit CLDN1-dependent disease progression.
The new CLDN1 inhibitors have micromolar potency demonstrated in vitro and in vivo efficacy in small animal models. They are under active investigation with RO1 funding to improve potency, improve pharmacokinetics, and identify precise molecular mechanisms of action.
To discuss licensing opportunities contact UNeMed at or 402-559-2468.

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  • “Upregulated claudin-1 expression promotes colitis-associated cancer by promoting β-catenin phosphorylation and activation in Notch/p-AKT-dependent manner,” Oncogene