Custom Medical Simulators

Lifelike models provide doctors just-in-time training

  • Anatomically accurate
  • Layered models: artificial bone, tissue and vasculature
  • Echogenic
  • Critical vascular and non-vascular access procedures

Licensing Manager: Tyler Scherr, PhD or 402-889-5498


Lifelike models provide doctors just-in-time training

Nick Markin, M.D., Director of Perioperative Imaging at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, invented custom medical procedures simulators. These anatomically accurate simulators are made with artificial mimics of bone, tissue and vasculature. They are echogenic and provide training for multiple critical vascular access and non-vascular access procedures when they are needed most.
Anesthesiologists perform many routine procedures, but occasionally receive patients with extreme trauma that require immediate and unique assistance. Due to the rarity of these events, it is difficult for clinicians to receive this crucial training. To solve this training gap, Dr. Markin developed a process for creating custom medical procedure simulators that fit into the “just-in-time” educational model. A “just-in-time” training platform is one that provides educational tools and courses as they are needed, rather than waiting for online courses or sporadic seminars.
Dr. Markin’s portfolio currently contains intraosseous infusion and arterial cannulation models, with several more simulators in development.
To discuss licensing opportunities contact Tyler Scherr, PhD, at or 402-889-5498.

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