Peptides Targeting Ebola

Engineered peptides can treat Ebola

  • Human LL-37 antimicrobial peptide variants
  • Can inhibit Ebola infection
  • Impair CatB-mediated cleavage of Ebola virus glycoprotein
  • Prophylactic or early therapeutic potential

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Engineered peptides can treat Ebola

UNMC researchers, led by Steven Hinrichs, M.D., Chair of the Department of Pathology and Microbiology, have developed antimicrobial peptides with efficacy against the Ebola virus.
The engineered peptides are derivatives of human LL-37 (Cathelicidin) and function by impairing the CatB-mediated cleavage of the viral glycoprotein; the process necessary for the virus to enter a host cell.
Such peptides could be used prophylactically to prevent Ebola, or therapeutically to treat the infection at a very early stage.
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