Inventor HandbookThe UNeBlog strives to inform the UNMC community what UNeMed is doing, share news about technology transfer and commercialization, elaborate on methods and best practices to protect inventions, and report on research development, available programs, and new opportunities. We also hope that the UNeBlog will incite some new ideas that will assist in the development of basic research toward clinical stages.

Scientists explore the ‘Dark Side': Careers away from the bench

by Agnes Lenagh, Ph.D., UNeMed OMAHA, Neb. (Sept. 12, 2014) — While not all scientists accept the existence of careers outside academia or industry, universities are finding value in showcasing alternate career paths available to scientists in biomedical fields. UNMC … Continue reading

Why we care about the startup and entrepreneur communities

By Charlie Litton, UNeMed Sept. 10, 2014 There are some things we do that have a hidden and seemingly unknowable value. We carefully tend to a garden never knowing when, if ever, a sprout will appear, or even if any … Continue reading

New seminars will discuss careers away from the bench

A new seminar series aimed at postdoctoral scholars and graduate students will address alternate career paths available to scientists in biomedical fields. Hosted by the University of Nebraska Medical Center Postdoctoral Association in collaboration with UNeMed Corporation, UNMC’s technology transfer … Continue reading

Containing Ebola means we must care for the caregivers

by Joe Runge, UNeMed Dr. Rick Sacra, an assistant professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and a missionary with SIM, contracted Ebola while volunteering at the ELWA Hospital in Monrovia, Liberia. His wife, Debbie, explained that he was … Continue reading

The next big thing: Biomechanics and your smartphone

by Joe Runge, UNeMed In the future, your smartphone will be able to detect your elevated risk of Parkinson’s disease, years before any conventional test reveals similar risks. Athletes will get clear answers before returning to play after a concussion. Patients … Continue reading
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