Inventor HandbookThe UNeBlog strives to inform the UNMC community what UNeMed is doing, share news about technology transfer and commercialization, elaborate on methods and best practices to protect inventions, and report on research development, available programs, and new opportunities. We also hope that the UNeBlog will incite some new ideas that will assist in the development of basic research toward clinical stages.

The next big thing: Biomechanics and your smartphone

by Joe Runge, UNeMed In the future, your smartphone will be able to detect your elevated risk of Parkinson’s disease, years before any conventional test reveals similar risks. Athletes will get clear answers before returning to play after a concussion. Patients … Continue reading

Symposium helps bridge gap between academia and industry

Industry-academia collaboration was the overarching theme of the First Annual Biopharmaceutical Research and Development Symposium. Eager researchers and leading biopharmaceutical industry scientists talked about ways to strengthen our relationships in a two-day symposium hosted by the UNMC College of Pharmacy. The aim was to improve dialogue and research collaborations between industry and academia. Continue reading

Innovate to innovate: New yardsticks needed to create new ideas

There are ideas so groundbreaking that there aren't even good ways to measure or test them. The inventor often has to build a better yardstick before work even begins on the actual idea. Continue reading

Innovate to Innovate

A new breed of dog needed for blue babies by Joe Runge, UNeMed Babies born with congenital heart defects rarely survived childhood. Today, 85 percent of babies born with congenital heart defects survive to adulthood. That happened because surgeons learned … Continue reading

Biopharmaceutical symposium is June 5-6

In a step to improve dialogue, research collaboration and student learning objectives, UNMC’s College of Pharmacy is sponsoring a Biopharmaceutical Research and Development Symposium in June that will bring together leading academic researchers with biopharmaceutical industry scientists for two days … Continue reading
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