Meet UNeMed Staff – Jason Nickla


by Agnes Lenagh, UNeMed

For UNeMed, Innovation Week provides an opportunity to expose the UNMC research community to technology transfer. UNeMed needs to demonstrate that anyone can be an inventor and offer ideas to improve health.

With Innovation Week just around the corner, we sat with UNeMed staffers and chatted about Innovation Week.

Jason Nickla

Director of Intellectual Property

Jason Nickla

“Dude, a free t-shirt” – Nickla

Q: What does Innovation Week mean to you?
A: Dude, a free t-shirt.

Q: What is your favorite memory of Innovation Week?
A: Extra cookies for me from the un-attended lawyer’s talk.

Q: What one thing does everyone need to know about Innovation Week?
A: Free t-shirts are handed out on Monday.

Q: What do you hope the UNMC community will gain from attending Innovation Week?
A: Duh, free t-shirts.

Q: How has innovation grown on campus?
A: Innovatively.

Q: How do you define innovation?
A: Differently than I define invention, which is actually more important … but invention week doesn’t sound as cool as innovation week. What was the question again?

Q: Why is innovation so important?
A: It is the reason we get free t-shirts.

Q: What connections between innovation, strategy, and leadership do you see on campus?
A: Innovators, strategists, and leaders can all be seen wearing their new free t-shirts.

Q: Which Innovation Week event are you looking forward to most? Why?
A: Getting a free t-shirt. Isn’t it obvious why?

Join us next next Monday and meet the UNeMed staff in person while you wait in line to grab your free t-shirt!

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