Physician in residence joins UNeMed team


by Charles Litton, UNeMed | May 20, 2013

Anyone can glance down the list of staffers here at UNeMed and find a full alphabet soup of extraordinarily qualified and gifted professionals.

The “Triple Lindy” is finding someone who can operate with keen insight and understanding into both the clinical and business sides of biomedical innovation.

We already have an entrepreneur in residence with Gary Madsen, but until recently we didn’t always have ready access to the clinical perspective—a physician in residence.

Dr. Madhavan

Dr. Madhavan

Earlier this week our CEO and president Michael Dixon told me he found such a person in Deepak Madhavan, M.D.

“He can provide clinical insights and clinical connections,” Dixon said. “He’s a physician with a strong business sense.”

My guess is that blend is a rare option found in most other tech transfer toolkits.

Dr. Madhavan (MAH-duh-vuhn) is the director of the Nebraska Medical Center’s comprehensive epilepsy program and an assistant professor at UNMC’s Department of Neurological Sciences.

As innovation rolls out of the minds and research labs on campus, Dr. Madhavan will help get those innovations closer to the patient bedside. It will be interesting to watch how his brand of insight will help innovators expand and develop their ideas from concepts to more focused products that meet specific needs and problems.

Before UNMC reeled him aboard, Dr. Madhavan founded in 2009 a private practice focused on treating epilepsy, Midwest Regional Epilepsy Associates. He is also the president of Lifestyle Innovations for Epilepsy, or LIFE, an Omaha-based nonprofit dedicated to the wellbeing of people living with epilepsy.

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