I-Week continues today with startup panel

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OMAHA, Nebraska (February 8, 2022)—Innovation Week continues today at noon with panel discussion that will take on some of the challenges associated with building a startup company around a new invention or discovery.

Members of that panel group will include James Hermsen, a local entrepreneur and co-founder of Suh-Hermsen Glasses; Doug Miller, CEO and founder of Impower Health; Abbie Raikes, PhD, CEO and founder of ECD Measure; and Jason Johanning, MD, founder of FutureAssure.

Like all Innovation Week events, the startup panel discussion is free and open to all. It can be viewed at https://unomaha.zoom.us/j/99982541856.

Another panel discussion is planned for the following day, Wednesday, Feb. 9, at noon. This panel will discuss various resources available to fresh startup companies and aspiring entrepreneurs. This panel will feature Josh Nichol-Caddy, the Technology Commercialization Director at the Nebraska Business Development Center; Jace Gatzemeyer, innovation development strategist at UNeTech; Joy Eakin, Entrepreneurship Program Manager at NUtech Ventures; Matt Foley, Program Director at Invest Nebraska; and Megan Varnum, principal consultant at BBC Entrepreneurial Training & Consulting.

Anyone can log into the that panel discussion at https://unomaha.zoom.us/j/97605682096.

Sponsored by UNeMed, Innovation Week is a series of events that celebrate and encourage innovation and discovery at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and the University of Nebraska at Omaha. The week culminates with the Innovation Awards, which honors all UNMC and UNO faculty, students and staff who contributed to a new invention, received a U.S. patent or had a technology successfully licensed during the previous fiscal year.

The awards ceremony is planned for Thursday, Feb. 10, at noon. The hour-long program will announce the Most Promising New Invention of the Year, the Startup of the Year and the Innovator of the Year.

Anyone can log into the Awards ceremony at https://unomaha.zoom.us/j/93036191871.

Innovation Week opened Monday with a panel discussion about local resources for 3D modeling and building prototypes. A video of that discussion will soon be available.

To view that video or to learn more about Innovation Week and the Innovation Awards, including any potential itinerary changes or updates, visit UNeMed’s Innovation Week page at https://www.unemed.com/innovation-week.

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