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OMAHA, Nebraska (February 10, 2022)—Innovation Week concludes today at noon with the annual Research Innovation Awards ceremony.

Sponsored by UNeMed, Innovation Week is a series of events that celebrate and encourage innovation and discovery at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and the University of Nebraska at Omaha. The week concludes with the Innovation Awards, which honors all UNMC and UNO faculty, students and staff who contributed to a new invention, received a U.S. patent or had a technology successfully licensed during the previous fiscal year.

The hour-long program will also announce the Most Promising New Invention of the Year, the Startup of the Year and the Innovator of the Year.

Anyone can log into the Awards ceremony at

Previous Innovation Week events were a panel discussion about prototyping resources in the area, another panel discussion about the rigors of building a startup company around a new invention, and a third panel group that examined startup resources.

Videos of all three panel discussions will soon be available.

To view any of those videos or to learn more about Innovation Week and the Innovation Awards, including any potential itinerary changes or updates, visit UNeMed’s Innovation Week page at

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