Complete technology portfolio is now available


OMAHA, Nebraska (March 23, 2017)—All technologies available for partnering and licensing opportunities through UNeMed are now easier to access.

UNeMed’s complete technology portfolio is available in a single document that can be downloaded, printed or mailed. Digital versions of the portfolio are free and can be viewed and downloaded here or below.

Printed copies of the 84-page booklet are also available, and free copies can be found at UNeMed’s office. Booklets are printed as-needed, so immediate supplies are limited. Printed copies can also be mailed, but will require a $3 fee to offset shipping and handling costs. Mail orders can be placed here.

The UNeMed portfolio describes all the top technologies from UNMC’s and UNO’s talented researchers. Also included are details about UNeMed’s most promising startup companies.

Digital versions of the portfolio will be regularly updated to include the most recent innovation disclosures, and to remove recently licensed technologies that are no longer available.

Any questions about UNeMed’s Technology Portfolio can be directed to Charlie Litton at or 402-559-2468.

UNeMed Technology Portfolio by UNeMed Corporation on Scribd

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