UNeMed releases 2020 annual report


2020 Annual Report Cover

View or download the 2020 Annual Report here.

OMAHA, Nebraska (Oct. 30, 2020)—UNeMed released today its 2020 annual report, which details UNeMed’s key metrics, and highlights notable achievements during the fiscal year ending in 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic loomed large for the report, dominating the cover design while also proving to be a key content feature within.

In his open letter to readers, UNeMed President and CEO Michael Dixon, PhD, noted that the pandemic forced the cancellation of the MidWest Drug Development Conference and pushed the annual Innovation Week events into the virtual realm. Yet, despite all the cancellations, postponements and fears for health and safety, inventors at UNMC and UNO seemed to flourish.

“From the beginning of the outbreak, inventors at the University of Nebraska turned their ingenuity on the novel coronavirus responsible for the pandemic,” he wrote. “The result was a flurry of innovation that not only kept our staff as busy as ever, but helped thousands across this planet fight COVID-19.”

He goes on to note that the 73 new inventions submitted during the second half of the 2020 fiscal year is a new UNeMed record, and 28 of those inventions were directly related to fighting the pandemic. A complete list of those pandemic-related innovations is included in the report.

The second-half burst of innovation fueled 105 invention submissions in 2020, which is the third-most since UNeMed was founded in 1991.

Dixon concludes his letter with a thank-you:

“So, rather than pat ourselves on the back for doing what we’re supposed to do, I’d rather take this moment—on behalf of everyone at UNeMed—to thank all those at UNMC, UNO and Nebraska Medicine for all they’ve done in 2020 to help make this world a little bit better.

“If there’s one thing to take away from the year that was 2020, it should be that.”

Other metrics highlighted in the annual report include patents, agreements, revenue and other benchmarks that measure UNeMed’s commercialization efforts.

The annual report also highlights the 2019 Innovation Awards and UNeMed’ relationship with UNeTech. UNeTech is the University’s startup accelerator/incubator program, aimed toward helping startups linked to University innovations.

Finally, several key technologies currently available for licensing are also included in the report.

The report can be viewed online, and printed copies are also available. Contact UNeMed to receive a free printed copy.

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