3D nanofiber scaffolds

New 3D scaffolds enhance bone growth, regeneration

  • Versatile 3D scaffolds
  • Customize shape, size and internal structure
  • Enhance bone regeneration
  • No need for therapeutics or other biologically active agents

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New 3D scaffolds enhance bone growth, regeneration

Researchers at the University of Nebraska Medical Center have developed a new class of three-dimensional nanofiber scaffolds capable of stimulating rapid endogenous bone growth and regeneration.
These 3D nanofiber scaffolds are extremely versatile and customizable. The 3D scaffolds can be manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes including cylinders, rectangles, discs and spheres. The manufacturing process also allows for customization of the internal structure of the scaffolds. The porosity of the scaffold and the internal alignment of the nanofibers can all be modified.
The 3D scaffolds stimulate bone growth without the addition or use of any drugs or biologically active agents.
UNMC researchers have tested the new 3D scaffolds in animal models and have shown that the 3D scaffolds significantly enhanced bone regeneration. The new bone that is formed is of high quality both internally and externally.
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