Cervical Spine Disc Retractor

New device improves spinal access during complex neck surgeries

  • Superior physician access to surgical site
  • Particularly beneficial for bariatric patients
  • Surgical-grade steel that can be sterilized and reused
  • Available in various sizes, shapes

Licensing Manager: Amanda Hawley, PhD
ahawley@unmc.edu or 402-310-5602


New device improves spinal access during complex neck surgeries

UNMC neurosurgeons have re-engineered c-spine retractors, a tool that enables neurosurgeons to spread the vertebra of the neck in order to perform spinal surgeries.
Current devices are bulky and can severely limit the amount of working space available to the surgeon, but UNMC’s new cervical disc spreader has a much smaller profile and detachable components.
Functional prototypes built with surgical-grade stainless steel, have shown great promise in cadaver studies. The studies show that the device significantly improves the surgical working space during cervical spine surgeries, allowing superior physician access during complicated neurosurgical procedures.
To discuss licensing opportunities please contact Amanda Hawley, PhD, at ahawley@unmc.edu or 402-310-5602.