Measuring BP in Wearable Devices

New system more accurately monitors blood pressure New system more accurately monitors blood pressure

  • Cuffless blood pressure monitoring
  • Resistant to error
  • Compatible with any device that measures ECG and PPG signals

Licensing Manager: Lisa Carlson, PhD or 402-315-0543


New system more accurately monitors blood pressure New system more accurately monitors blood pressure

Doctoral research assistant Cody Anderson and his graduate mentor, Song-young Park, PhD, aim to revolutionize how people track their heart health with their new system that accurately and consistently measures a user’s blood pressure in wearable devices.
The innovative approach measures the speed of a user’s pulse wave, which spreads throughout the body with every heartbeat. Pulse wave velocity is a proven measure for finding blood pressure and blood vessel stiffness, important biomarkers for determining and predicting cardiovascular health.
Several wearable devices currently on the market claim to measure blood pressure and produce readings about pulse wave velocity. But those measures are often inaccurate and generally regarded as wholly unreliable.
Anderson and Dr. Park, vascular physiologists at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, overcame those reliability issues for modern devices that track heart health.
The new technology empowers individuals with minimal training to acquire high-quality measurements resistant to low-quality signal acquisition.
The innovation produces an accurate and reliable way for people to track blood pressure, in real-time, without the need for specialized equipment or training. The technology makes practical the tracking of blood pressure for public use, far beyond the limits of biomedical research laboratories and clinical settings.
This achievement could allow people to monitor and control their cardiovascular health virtually anywhere—while also helping reduce cardiovascular disease and associated costs.
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