Transscleral Iontophoresis Device

Deliver ophthalmic therapeutics safely, noninvasively

  • Ophthalmic delivery of macromolecule and nanoparticle drugs
  • Decreased heat and buffered pH
  • Safe application of high current intensities
    Licensing Manager:Amanda Hawley, PhD or 402-310-5602

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Deliver ophthalmic therapeutics safely, noninvasively

A team of researchers, led by Siwei Zhao, PhD, of the University of Nebraska Medical Center, has developed an improved transscleral iontophoresis device for ophthalmic drug delivery.
Historically, intraocular drug delivery has faced significant challenges associated with slow drug permeation, low bioavailability, and invasive and risky administration techniques.
This hydrogel ionic circuit-based device enables safer administration of macromolecule or nanoparticle based drugs in a clinically relevant time frame.
To learn more about this technology, contact Amanda Hawley, PhD, at or 402-310-5602.

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