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UNMC faculty and employees first disclose their ideas to UNeMed staff, who then evaluate the ideas for patentability and market potential. Ideas that pass this evaluation stage will then be marketed to commercial partners to establish collaborations and licensing deals to further develop those innovations into market-ready products that improve public health.

It is important to disclose your invention to UNeMed BEFORE any public disclosure is made.

Got an idea?
UNeMed encourages inventors to fill out a New Invention Notification (NIN) and contact us at or (402) 559-2468.
New Invention Notification Form

For more information on our process please expand the topics below. If you have any questions contact our Licensing Staff.

What can be an invention?
Disclosing an invention
Public Disclosure
Invention evaluation by UNeMed
IP Protection
Inventor's Guide to Technology Transfer

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