How can we help you?


A few weeks ago, walking through the Sorrel Center, someone called my name. A was perfect stranger was waving his hand at me, asking if I worked at UNeMed. Then he said something that stuck with me: “Ah, UNeMed, you guys are the patent people.”

But we are so much more!

As chancellor, Dr. Jeffery Gold, has said on several occasions, research doesn’t end after publishing a paper in an academic journal or when a grant expires. Research is done when human life is changed.

At UNeMed, we want to help the University of Nebraska community convert ideas, discoveries and inventions into viable products.

Over the next several weeks, we will publish a series of blog posts that will enumerate the many ways UNeMed can help inventive UNMC and UNO faculty, students and staff. These posts will illuminate the different services provided by UNeMed and explain how we can partner with researchers, clinicians and students to improve research commercialization and patentability at the University of Nebraska.

Upcoming posts will cover:

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