UNeMed hosts 2019 Boot Camp

October 14, 2019

by Catherine Murari-Kanti, UNeMed | October 14, 2019 Medical students, graduate...

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Overground finds pride in the tech transfer game

April 1, 2019

OMAHA, Neb. (April 1, 2019)—UNeMed’s tech transfer podcast,...

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Applications now open for 2018 Tech Transfer Boot...

May 9, 2018

OMAHA, Neb. (May 9, 2018)—The 2018 Technology Transfer Boot Camp is scheduled...

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UNO, UNeMed expand tech transfer relationship

January 22, 2018

OMAHA, Neb. (January 22, 2018)—The University of Nebraska at Omaha and...

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How we can help: Licensing and startups

January 10, 2018

by Catherine Murari-Kanti, UNeMed | January 10, 2018 Part seven of a series As...

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How we can help: Our Process

November 29, 2017

by Catherine Murari-Kanti, UNeMed | November 22, 2017 Part three of a series...

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How can we help you?

October 24, 2017

A few weeks ago, walking through the Sorrel Center, someone called my name. A...

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Not just students benefit from Tech Transfer Boot...

August 1, 2016

by Charlie Litton, UNeMed | Aug. 1, 2016 It turns out the Tech Transfer Boot...

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UNeMed hosts Partnering Summit

May 13, 2016

OMAHA, Neb. (May 10, 2016)—UNeMed’s first-ever Industry Partnering...

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Anyone can be an inventor. Period.

May 6, 2016

by Amanda Hawley, UNeMed | May 6, 2016 Yes. Anyone can be an inventor. All you...

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Under the Microscope: Dixon chats with Dr. Gold

October 21, 2015

OMAHA, Neb. (Oct. 21, 2015)—UNeMed president and CEO Michael Dixon, Ph.D.,...

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UNeMed highlights successes at ’15 Shareholder Meeting

August 14, 2015

OMAHA, Neb. (Aug. 5, 2015)—During its annual Shareholder Meeting last week,...

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Why some inventions fail: Because Valley of Death...

June 24, 2015

by Charles Litton, UNeMed | June 24, 2015 I’ve been rubbernecking the...

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UNMC students complete first tech transfer boot camp

June 23, 2015

OMAHA, Nebraska (June 23, 2015)—UNeMed’s first-ever tech transfer Boot...

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The trouble with fighting rare diseases

June 18, 2015

by Charlie Litton, UNeMed | June 18, 2015 There are those things you learn that...

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