Motion capture system

Use a smartphone for true motion capture system

  • Capture motion anywhere, using only mobile devices and proprietary software
  • Novel algorithms extract motion capture data in real time
  • Inexpensive sensors require no special equipment or skills

Licensing Manager: Tyler Scherr, Ph.D. or 402-559-1181


Use a smartphone for true motion capture system

Motion capture is a growing and versatile tool. From 3D animation to physical therapy, the data from motion capture is gaining wider and wider usage. Unfortunately, motion capture requires multiple high-speed cameras and a variety of active or passive reflectors. Expensive and complicated equipment limits wider use.
Mobile motion capture technologies exist but lack versatility. Current systems only record video, which must be processed at a later date. Even then, the information from the motion capture systems is not always at the same level of quality, which limits the utility of the motion capture data.
Doctors Ka-Chun Siu and JC Chien invented new algorithm that allows for true mobile motion capture using a smartphone. Unlike other mobile motion capture systems, their invention makes it possible for real time motion capture, without expensive equipment—just a camera and some disposable markers. In laboratory tests, the mobile motion capture system captured motion just as precisely as a state of the art motion capture laboratory system.
UNeMed is currently seeking a partner to license a growing portfolio of patents and operational software. To discuss licensing opportunities contact Tyler Scherr, Ph.D., at or 402-559-1181.

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  • Ka-Chun Siu, Ph.D.
  • Melissa Parks
  • Jung-Hung Chien, Ph.D.

Intellectual Property: US Provisional No. 62/448,472

Technical Summary

In a head to head comparison to a state of the art motion capture system, the true mobile motion capture system was able to reliably produce the same motion capture data. Walking on a treadmill, at a variety of speeds, the sophisticated system (camera) produced the exact same stride length when compared to the true mobile system (iPhone).
These results indicate that the system can reproduce the motion capture results, in real time, using only an iPhone.