Nanofiber microspheres for wound healing

Nanofiber microspheres enhance cell delivery

  • Novel method of microsphere formation via electrospinning and electrospraying
  • Delivery of cell therapies for wound healing
  • Noninvasive alternative to surgical scaffold placement

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Nanofiber microspheres enhance cell delivery

University of Nebraska researchers have designed a new nanofiber-based microsphere can deliver cell therapies for wound healing and tissue regeneration.
The nanofiber microspheres are manufactured using electrospraying and are highly customizable. Invented and developed at the University of Nebraska, the nanofiber microspheres can be made in a wide variety of shapes and designs, including hollow spheres and spheres with various sized pores. The nanofiber microspheres have a large surface-area-to-volume ratio, which helps cellular infiltration from the surface into the microsphere.
The nanofiber microspheres also allow for improved viability and maintenance of stem cells, making the microspheres an ideal tool for cell therapy approaches.
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