$10,000 research award offered again in 2010

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UNeMed once again will award $10,000 in unrestricted research funds to the inventor or group of inventors who submit the most promising invention.

To apply

To be considered for the funding, submit a completed New Invention Notification (NIN) form, which can be found on the UNeMed Web site.

The $10,000 research award will be announced and presented at the Innovation Awards in October 2010.

All fully completed New Invention Notifications (NIN) submitted to UNeMed will be evaluated and considered for the grant.

NINs with potential benefits to the public good as well as the patent and market potentials will all be considered. All UNMC faculty, students and staff are eligible.

The award was introduced in 2008 to promote the disclosure of new inventions to UNeMed.

“There are many good ideas floating around campus and it’s our goal to help faculty, students and staff develop those ideas into products that reach the marketplace,” said Michael Dixon, Ph.D., president of UNemed.

The following researchers have received awards:

  • Janina Baranowska-Kortylewicz, Ph.D., professor of radiation oncology (2008)
  • Guangshun Wang, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Eppley Institute (2008)
  • Paul Dunman, Ph.D., assistant professor in pathology and microbiology (2009)

Each received $10,000 in research funds.

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