Meet UNeMed Staff – Agnes Lenagh


by Agnes Lenagh, UNeMed

For UNeMed, Innovation Week provides an opportunity to expose the UNMC research community to technology transfer. UNeMed needs to demonstrate that anyone can be an inventor and offer ideas to improve health.

With Innovation Week just around the corner, we sat with UNeMed staffers and chatted about Innovation Week.

Agnes Lenagh

Licensing Associate

Agnes Lenagh

“Innovation happens when you make the unexpected a reality by thinking outside of the box.” – Lenagh

Q: What does Innovation Week mean to you?
A: Innovation Week is an opportunity to meet face to face with the UNMC Research Community and let them know we exist and are here to help. We celebrate innovation on campus and showcase those inventors that gave the extra mile by working with us.

Q: What is your favorite memory of Innovation Week?
A: Helping with the kick off event last year. I’ve participated in the past as a spectator, but Innovation Week 2012 was my first as part of the UNeMed crew. I got to appreciate all the hard work everyone does to put the events together and got to enjoy my latte before the event officially started.

Q: What do you hope the UNMC community will gain from attending Innovation Week?
A: That UNeMed is not just here this one week, but that our doors are always open to inventors of all backgrounds across campus. It would be awesome if we schedule meeting to discuss ideas and any possible inventions or research tools that might exist at UNMC.

Q: How do you define innovation?
A: Innovation happens when you make the unexpected a reality by thinking outside of the box. It’s the result of laying awake at 3 am after a well-caffeinated day.

Q: Why is innovation so important?
A: Without innovation, technology would be stagnant and there would be no advancements in the world.

Q: Which Innovation Week event are you looking forward to most? Why?
A: Demo Day because we will get to see the fruits of our labor as startups showcase their companies. It’s amazing how an idea can go from being developed in a lab to being used as a technology that improves the lives of people in so many different ways.

Join us next time when we sit down with another UNeMed staff member.

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